Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sept. 13-14

Hi Everyone:

The first picture is Gary and Marj Covert getting a gift of appretiation from the CLRR group that attended the ride.

On wednesday, after a complete soaking, Carol and I, Chuck & Steve & Les dripped all over John's hospital room floor. We met the nicest people in Jim and Karla Bevens (GWRRA-CD's) who brought us to their home and got my front tire changed and an oil/filter change for my bike; found John a trailer to buy to pack his trike/trailer, and fed us. All they wanted was for us to have a safe trip. What wonderful people. Sorry no pictures.

By Thursday, John was on the road with Gary/Marj Covert towing John to Springfield where he would meet up w/ a friend to take him home. Yes, he's getting better but not ready to ride.

Carol and I drove to Cambridge, OH and then on to Chambersburg, PA. We'll visit Gettysburg and then Carol's brother in Mt. Joy, PA. Plan to visit John's aunt in Upper Marlboro, MD and then Williamsburg, VA. before heading west. Yes, it has been raining. I'll try to add a few photo's to this blog...

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