Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New York to London, Ontario

Burchers and Schneiders rode to Niagra Falls and then on to London, Ontario today. We had virtually zero rain until we got to Woodstock, Ontario. The 402 had scored pavement and the rain was heavy. We pulled over to watch the weather and someone shared that it was worse ahead.

So we took Highway 2 to London and are hunkered down for the night a the Airport Inn and Suites. Nice place, just no where near to eat. Fortunately we stopped about 20 miles into Ontario for something to eat. We ate at the Lazy Lizard in St. Catherine's. REALLY good food and reasonable prices. They had a steak special for lunch for $8 Canadian. We figured tiny was huge and came with fries and soup.

Niagra Falls was great - the way the state park is set up there are places where the water is extremely close. We didn't do the boat, but we did do extensive walking in the park.

The GPS routed us through downtown Hamilton - the scenic route! We have never seen so many Catholic churches in one area of one city EVER.

It seems that most photos of people on a motorcycle trip are either on the road with helmets or butt shots!

We had trouble with fuses blowing. Eventually determined that the Wig-Wag had failed. I think it was too damned wet - poor baby is used to be in it's nice snug garage!

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