Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toy Run 2007

Even yucky weather didn't keep people away....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

December 2007 Minutes


P.O. BOX 1436


Minutes of meeting December 5,2007

~~Please pay your dues $25/couple & $15/single~~


eat @ 6:00 so we can begin meeting by 7:00

Nineteen members were present. Guest/prospective member Bob Weis was introduced.

One of the first orders of business was the introduction of a possible amendment to the bylaws regarding nomination deadlines and the actual voting by the members for officers. Chuck Gillingham drafted the proposal. It was read by Chuck and then per the bylaws our President Steve Sayers read the proposal to the members. Bylaws require that the proposal be read at the two meetings, then there will be discussion and the proposal will go to the members for voting.

The sole purpose of the amendment would be to set policy to give members time to consider running for office or being nominated for office & to make the annual transition of officers become effective in January (instead of the current method of voting in November and handing off to the new officers following the December meeting). Discussion will be at the next meeting. Any future action on the proposal will be under the guidance of the 2008 officers; and of course, the membership’s vote.

Treasurer’s report by Margaret Reese was presented as follows;

General fund $446.29

Ride for Kids $480.24

Toy Run $4713.79

Toy Run results:

lunch $945. 50/50 $115. Donation 295.24 extra meat that was sold $133.

total: $1558.24

Motion to accept : first Lynn Hollenback- second by Robert Jordan-ayes carried.

Bills were presented as :

Steve Sayers postage and fees for IRS & getting our non-profit status in good standing $25.48

Susan Potter: ink cartridges for minutes and flyers over the year $45 Motion to reimburse was made by Carol Jordan, second by Pat Sayers -motion carried to pay expenses.

Paul Breunig reported on the Toy Run & showed the Certificates of Appreciation to be presented to our major supporters. Paul’s count was 40 bikes braving the elements and no count on the No Name Car Club or other autos that participated. Music was provided at no charge by PUBLIC NUISANCE. They donated their tips to the Toy Run in the amount of $30.

Carol Jordan has set up tables in Breunig's barn and has things sorted for our ‘shoppers’ to fill their lists on Thursday (Dec. 6) evening at Breunig’s barn. Cookies and coffee will be there. A thank you card will be sent to CMA for working the kitchen. Nick Norcio & Danny Garrison worked the barbeque all day to keep the steaks coming! They have this down to a fine art! Thank you Nick & Danny. Carol Jordan ( & company) have shopped. We’re still short on teen boys items.

I will see that Public Nuisance gets a THANK YOU card.

Steve Biggs announced ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY JANUARY 4TH FRIDAY @ 10:00 at the Nice Lucerne cutoff.

GWTA rep Jimmie Phillips was absent. Chuck didn’t have any GWTA news to report.

A membership application, in good order, (with dues) was presented by John & Lynn Hicks. They were unanimously voted to become members of CLEAR LAKE ROAD RIDERS. Welcome to the group. Its always exciting to have new members come in. Get Well to Lynn, she has been sick and wasn’t able to participate in the Toy Run or the meeting.

Fifty-fifty ($36.50) was won by Peggie Rombach (she’s on a lucky streak).

Most exciting order of business:

Steve Sayers handed off the president briefcase to Lynn. The archives and secretary gear went to Paul Breunig.

Your officers for 2008:

President Lynn Hollenback 263-4101

Vice-president Buzz Woods 279-0296

Secretary Paul Breunig 263-9000 (unlisted home-this is Hillside Honda’s number)

Adopt-a-highway Steve Biggs 263-4439

Sgt @ Arms Robert Potter 279-2911

Ride captain isn’t an elected position. Due to lack of participation in filling elected positions; the posts of ride captain and public relations will rotate among those who are willing to act.

Celebrations for December:

Happy birthday : Larry Schneider & Wayne Bohn Dec.3, John Hicks Dec 25, Carol Jordan Dec. 20, Susan Potter Dec 19, Happy anniversary to Steve & Willie Biggs Dec. 4, & Larry & Suzanne Schneider Dec. 22

Oh yeah; Merry Christmas & here's to a Happy New Year!



Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Susan Potter, 2007 secretary

Monday, October 08, 2007

Photos RFK 10-7-07

John Norcio, Steve Biggs, Larry Schneider, the club members listening to the presentation and having lunch, Chuck & Peggie.

More photos of the RFK 10-7-07

If you click on the photo it will get larger Photos of club members listening to the presentation while having lunch and Ruth Chambers - sporting a new RED helmet!

If you don't recognize someone - you need to come to more meetings!

Ride for Kids, Woodland, CA Oct 7, 2007

Escorts with CLRRs: Steve Biggs, Larry Schneider, Bob Jordan, Paul Breunig, Lynn Hollenback

Many Club members participated in Ride for Kids - some as support staff, some as escorts and some as riders.
The CLRR club was 4th over all for contributions with over $8,000.
Hillside Honda was TOP dealer in contributions over $25K.
I think the only people who attended the RFK with CLRR that I did not get a photo of were Bob & Susan Potter and Trish and Dave!

October Minutes


Minutes of October 3, 2007 called to order at 7:00-dismissed at 7:37.


Arrive early to eat. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

President Sayers was on another cross country trip-lucky guy! Our VP, Buzz Woods, officiated the meeting. He’s been getting some practice while Steve travels; perhaps he is interested … 2008 president??

Agenda for November will include results of the nominating committee, reports on Taylor’s Tavern, plans for our Christmas charity project, as well as the Toy Run to be Sunday- DEC.2ND.

It was great to see 31 members. Guests were welcomed: Martha & Bill Fargusson –they are from the Seattle area, however, remembered meeting John Norcio in Durango a few years ago. John Alameda was welcomed & John was at the Ride for Kids on Sunday in Woodland. Buster Haas brought his wife Carolyn to the meeting. Hope to see all of them participating in the future.

September minutes were approved as submitted. Robert Jordan made the 1st motion & second was made by Carol Jordan, et al.-ayes carried, thank you.

ADOPT A HIGHWAY: FRIDAY OCTOBER 19. Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Nice-Lucerne cutoff. Hope to see at least 12 out there protecting our environment one small part at a time. On average we collect 14-16 bags of trash in our little stretch of road, it is a valuable community service.

RIDE FOR KIDS: We donated enough to be invited to the stage to share how we raised the money. The recycling idea boosted our coffers. Credit: Robert Jordan suggestion; with help from John Norcio, Margaret Reese, & Paul Breunig @ Hillside Honda all being locations where you can leave your bagged recyclables and they will turn them in for cash for the RFK account.

Pat Norcio spoke of setting up the BOB REESE MEMORIAL RUN at Robinson Rancheria next spring. We were all disappointed this spring with our host location and will not support their establishment again. Pat will be helping the ride chairperson as time nears. Possible dates of April 13 or 20 were mentioned; depending on spring weather. We’d like to have our ride early to get a good crowd but weather can be a deterrent. Last year we competed with many other rides!

TAYLOR’S TAVERN Saturday October 13. 12:00 noon till 4 p.m. only $10 Your contact person is Pam Paulsen. Lee and Pam own & operate Roger’s Glass in Lakeport. You may get pre-sale tickets, drop off raffle prizes, donations and/or offer to help! Call or stop by their shop at 1885 N. High St. Lakeport 263-4616. ROGERS GLASS donated printing costs for tickets & flyers. (Thank You) Participation last year was dismal. This funds our holiday charities. If you can’t attend you can help: drop off a few prizes, buy tickets for friends, neighbors, family (it isn’t a ride event) it’s a fun way to eat, drink and be social. The LAKE COUNTY DIAMONDS will provide music. Horseshoes & other games are available. When you choose prizes remember that there will NOT be a silent auction. MUST BE 21 TO ATTEND.

Nice door prizes that you need NOT be present to win:

3 night stay in Tahoe—donated by Roy Fields at ON THE WATERFORNT,

overnight @ Featherbed Railroad – donated by HILLSIDE HONDA, &

meat package valued at $250 donated by GOLDEN GATE MEAT Co.

THANK YOU LEE & PAM! There is a lot of work involved in events and if we don’t support these events they will wither and die. It’s like hosting a party and no one comes!


Taylor’s Tavern provides the food and gives proceeds of food sales to our clubs.

GWTA GOLDEN THRONE: January 13th. Chuck & Jimmie’s favorite FUN event. Call Jimmie 274-1557 or Chuck 275-3336 for info.

Lake County TOY RUN Sunday December 2. Assemble at Lakeport K-Mart –parade will leave promptly at 11:00 a.m. so arrive early enough to shop (mention your 10% discount for TOY RUN items) we will end at the Kelseyville Lions Club for food, music, fun.

Kudos to Chuck Gillingham for our TOY RUN flyer. Looks great! Now that he has invested in Printmaster will we have a one-man flyer committee? J

Woodland GWTA TOY RUN November 4 will be at Les Schwaab in Woodland. Due to problems in the past there will NOT be any type of bike parade. Take your donations & enjoy food, music and socializing. Ordinarily they have prizes that number 2 to 1 for ticket sales-good odds for winning neat stuff.

Buzz Woods won the 50/50 of $52.50

Our trusty treasurer reported: (accepted as submitted)

Ride for Kids account: $4640.24

Toy Run account: $1225.72

General fund: $540.69

For a grand total of $6406.65

Margaret Reese has held this office for several terms; I hope she will continue in 2008 as trusty treasurer!

There was no GWTA report this month. Feel better Jimmie!

August, September and October birthdays and anniversaries went out in your minutes last month.

Anniversaries for the month of November are:

Paul & Barb Breunig Nov 5, & Happy Birthday to:

Willie Biggs Nov. 25, Buzz Woods Nov. 8, Jimmie Phillips Nov. 22,

I missed Pat Sayers August 23,sorry Pat.

Many of you would be great officers. Contact any committee member: volunteer! —don’t wait, you might miss your opportunity! Per CLRR bylaws the only requirement to hold office is to be a member in good standing for more than 6 months. Use the buddy system—Cy & Danny: how about pres and vice-prez. Ok: John Norcio and Robert Jordan or Maybe Chuck & Larry? ….you got the gist of it, right?? Ladies?? Carol Jordan for president with Pat Norcio as vice-president or the other way around! How about the 2 kindergarten teachers to keep us in line?? Pat Sayers and Carol Jordan? Come on you guys! These are good ideas! Committee members are: Barbara Breunig 263-9000 ~Bob Potter 279-2911~ Lynn Hollenback 263-7101~ Peggie Rombach 275-0300

Change is always good for the club. Invite new members. Take an office. Come to meetings or events. Don’t sit on the sidelines, step up! Be active (and if you can be loud you have a definite advantage). J

TAYLORS TAVERN in Redwood Valley on Saturday the 13th noon to 4.

Food, music and fun for only ten bucks!

Note: as of November 3rd Tom & Trish Bales new address: 418 Mandarin Circle Vacaville 95687-3126

707 365-6507 or 925 323-4118 please change your rosters. The ‘master’ roster won’t change again till January

Monday, August 13, 2007

August 12th Ride

The ride to the Marin French Cheese Factory was made by Margaret, Wayne, Penny, Doug, Cy, Laura, Bob, Susan, Larry and Suzanne.

A cool morning's ride to the cheese factory. Nice day for a picnic lunch. While we were at the cheese factory there were also a bunch of classic cars on site. Since it was such a nice day we opted to ride on to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. Stopped for fuel in Point Reyes Station. Wayne & Penny opted not to ride to the lighthouse....considering the awful road it was a good choice on Wayne's part.

Aside from a road that rivals the awful roads in Lake County, it was great weather and lovely vistas. On arriving at the lighthouse parking lot Susan, Margaret and Suzanne opted to stay while the remainder of the group hiked the 350+ steps down to the lighthouse (after walking up 1/4 of a mile).

When we rode away from the lighthouse it was decided to head north on Highway 1 to a point that would take us to Sebastopol....thanks to Larry's handy GPS we took back country roads over to Sebastopol and then up 101 to home.

A very nice (nearly 250 mile) ride!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

August Minutes




Arrive early to eat and visit.

Meeting @ 7:00

Minutes of meeting August 1, 2007-swim party/potluck

About 30 of us met at the home of Margaret Reese (THANKS MARGARET!) for our annual swim/potluck. Pres. Sayers (&Pat) were off enjoying ride season so VP Buzz Woods led our meeting.

Minutes were approved after motions by 1st Carol Jordan 2nd by Bob Jordan & the ayes carried it.

Treasurer’s report by Margaret:

RIDE FOR KIDS account: $3701.96 TOY RUN $1225.72 GEN. FUND $5423.27

Motion made to approve: 1st Robert J. & 2nd by Carol J.-unanimous ayes passed.

GWTA rep. Jimmie Phillips reported on his wonderful trip to Gold Rush in Sioux Falls. He was accompanied by a friend from another GWTA chapter. Our members coming home from Billings spotted him riding east somewhere in Nevada while they were headed homeward.

Jimmie reported on other GWTA events.

Sept. 21-22 in Yuba City FALL FIESTA camping in Yuba City –camping event- potluck-tortilla toss- Saturday breakfast and a potluck dinner. Call Tom Garske 707 933-9799 for info.

October 14: Chapter Z OCTOBERFEST in San Mateo for info call Don Tolbert 650 952-7240.

Call Jimmie @274-1557 for updates on GWTA events or if you’d like to join the local Chapter L.

There is lots of info at GWTA online.

Lynn Hollenback gave the road report on the Billings trip to attend the GWRRA Wing Ding. Lynn Hollenback, Jana Van Housen, Suzanne & Larry Schneider, John & Pat Norcio, Robert & Carol Jordan, Chuck Gillingham, Peggie Rombach, & Steve Biggs all attended the GWRRA Billings event. They narrowly escaped the wild fire areas and had a safe journey. A first for our group: Larry had a bag of his purchases stolen while in the crowd of vendors, Steve Biggs was installing goodies or waiting for installation of said goodies till well after midnight on one of the days. The group parted and rejoined by chance on the venture toward home. There is a lot of new bling on the local roads after this trip!

GWRRA has a SYNCHRONIZED SOAKING event near Lodi on Aug. 18 call Bob Clouse 707 678-2379 for info or go to GWRRA CA2K online.

Cy Youles (happily) paid his new bike fine of $5. It seems Paul anticipated the fine and the five dollars was negotiated into the deal they made. I heard that Cy’s old bike already has a new home.

Adopt-a-highway was Friday June 13th. Laryy & Suzanne, Peggie Rombach, Steve Sayers, Steve Biggs & Bob & myself collected 11 bags of trash. Steve Sayers found a $20. He used it for gas to ride that day & the rest of us lunched at Porter St. Barbeque.

Ladies Choice: SUNDAY AUGUST 12 leave Lakeport McDonalds at 9:00. Going to Marin Cheese factory and our favorite buffet in Novato (no one can recall the name).

Our guest speaker was Joyce Overton from Clearlake. She is with the Lake County Community Action Agency. Besides asking for our support at the BLUE HERON RALLY POKER RUN ON AUGUST 18TH she had lots of information about the run as well as the loss of the local chapter of Boys & Girls Club and Big Brothers/Sisters. Everyone had an opportunity at the meeting to get a flyer and put the ride in their calendars but if you need info go to or phone 707 995-8010.

Wayne Bohn signed up already for WAVES TO WINE (a bicycle event to raise money & awareness for MS) event taking place Sept 29-30. Go to WAVES TO WINE online for all the details. It is a bicycle tour & as volunteers we would be ‘support’ for the athletes, maybe carrying a photographer or???:

More info MEGAN TRASK 510 267-9669 X120

We haven’t heard anything regarding the stipend for volunteering at 101 Triathalon.

Pat Norcio mentioned getting involved as CLRR and participating in the light parades in the coming holiday season. I will get the application for KVille for Dec. 7 & Pat will register us for November 24 or 25 in Lakeport.

PORTER ST. GRILL as a possible meeting place-no action taken.

50-50 won by Lynn Hollenback won $41.50 and he donated back $20.75 for the TOY RUN.

Tom & Trish Bales of Williams were officially welcomed to the CLRR & now have their bylaws & roster for contact information. Welcome to you.



Submitted by secretary Susan.Potter

279-2911 or

President Steve Sayers

Friday, July 13, 2007

Road Cleanup July 13th

Road Cleanup was accomplished by Steve, Susan, Bob, Steve, Larry, Wayne, and Peggie. Suzanne drove Steve's truck.

It took approximately 2 1/2 hours to pickup 11 sacks of litter.

For the first time the recyclables filled an entire mega-sized sack.

After the cleanup many of the group lunched at Porterhouse BBQ in Lakeport.

ONLY 6 people showed up for this club event....WHY? Do we need to reschedule for a weekend so that more may participate? Make your views known at the next meeting. More people need to participate.

July 2007

We've been busy in July - John, Pat, Carol and Bob left for the Wing Ding on June 28th; Steve left on June 30th; Lynn, Jana, Chuck, Peggie, Larry and Suzanne left on July 1st.

The six who left on July 1st stayed in Battle Mountain, Nevada and Rexburg, Idaho (Steve joined us in Rexburg). After leaving Rexburg the riders entered West Yellowstone and rode through to the northeast exit and on to Hwy 212 over Bear Tooth Pass.

On arriving in Billings, Montana on July 3rd we all headed for our various motels and relative's homes. We met up again at the Wing Ding on July 4th. We also "found" the folks who had left on June 28th.

While in Billings the temperatures were over 100 degrees.

On July 5th we met at Famous Dave's BBQ for a very nice dinner. Although, I think Chuck and Peggie would have preferred to sample the beer instead of wearing John's spilled beer!

On July 6th we once again me at Famous Dave's for dinner.

As we left Billings on July 7th we headed for East Glacier, Montana. The weather cooled off to a reasonable 80 degrees with a little clouds. We stayed a nice little motel called the Mountain Pine - I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciate the Mom & Pop type in a lovely pine setting. Across the street is the Whistle Stop restaurant - good food and not expensive. You will have to ask Peggie and Steve about the huckleberry stuffed french toast!

Glacier National Park's Road to the Sun was open and afforded us all a nice ride and great views. Again, the weather cooperated to make our day very nice. From west Glacier we rode to Polson, Montana along the east side of Flathead Lake.

On the morning of the 9th we headed for Lewiston, Idaho. Larry chose the Clearwater River Canyon as the route.....another very special ride down the mountain to Lewiston.

In Lewiston, Lynn and Jana went their way to relatives. Chuck and Peggie rode on to Walla Walla, Washington. Larry, Steve and Suzanne chose to spend the night in Lewiston.

On July 10th we rode Hwy 97 to Klamath Falls, OR - this was a big day for Suzanne because she had never ridden 500+ miles in one day.

On July 11th we continued on Hwy 97 into California and home. While relaxing at the Bear Creek Vista Point on Hwy 20 we saw Peggie and Chuck ride by so we knew they had made it "home" safely.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17th A.B.A.T.E. Poker Run

Great day for a ride - not many riders participated in the poker run.

Clear Lake Road Riders who attended included Steve Sayers, Wayne B., Margaret & David R., Larry S. and Suzanne S.

The route was from Lakeport to the Brick in Kelseyville, up Hwy 175 to Loch Lomond Store, down Hwy 175 to Noble's store in Middletown; Hwy 29 to John Henry's in Lower Lake (which was closed); West to the Richmond Resort and then on Soda Bay Road into Kelseyville to end at the American Legion.

The dinner served was tasty - cooked by Ron Chips.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Triathalon One O One Volunteers

Sunday June 10th saw a great show of support for the Lakeport Triathlon from Clear Lake Road Riders - 8 motorcycles (Paul B., Buzz W., Chuck G., Bob P., Larry S., Steve B., Bob J., John N., Suzanne S.) made themselves available to race officials and camera people. The people who rode with us couldn't believe how lucky they were to have Goldwings as their rides!

I saw Peggy R., Carol J., Susan P. flagging on Hill Road and Scotts Valley Road.

After assisting with riding the course Bob P. and Bob J. "volunteered" to flag some streets in Lakeport for the last leg of the triathlon.

In conversations with the other volunteers it sounds like it was fun and something they would volunteer for in the future.

The only pictures available are those taken prior to the beginning of the bicycle race.

Friday, June 08, 2007

June Quick Minutes

Your minutes will arrive in a couple days. Here's the immediate need to know:
going to Marin Cheese factory via backroads
leave Lakeport McDonalds at 9:00
Margaret will be taking her car for anyone unable to bike down. It looks like I will be joining her in the 'bad back' mobile! Call her if you want to ride along 263-5378 or just show up at McDonalds.
TRI-ATHOLON: SUNDAY JUNE 10 CLRR will participate as 'support officials' & our club will receive a stipend per number of CLRR volunteers -it was voted that money will go into the coffers for RFK

RIDE JUNE 17th - Comptche - Volunteer Firemen's Father's Day Fund Raiser - see flyer

ABATE poker run
sign up at Ironhorse creations 8:30-10:30
$25/rider or $40 rider & passenger
money will go to the political action fund to protect our rights to ride.
Ride will end at American Legion with food and music
RIDE JUNE 17TH poker run RUMBLE THROUGH THE REDWOODS by the Vietnam Veterans Redwood Empire
proceeds to Vietnam Vets scholarship fund
start and finish at Santa Rosa Veteran building register 8-10 $20 per person + BBQ for additional $10.
call 707 526-4518 or 838-1427 for info
In memory of Bobby Alvord and his all time favorite place to visit:
leave Lakeport McDonalds at 8:30 a.m. traveling to Locke (Sacramento Delta area) for lunch and group will disburse at the Delta with a 'return on your own'. Ride will arrive for lunch by 11:30 at Locke. Ride is 165 miles one way.
ADOPT A HIGHWAY road clean up: FRIDAY JULY 13TH call Steve Biggs to RSVP (you will get an email reminder as the date nears)
JULY MEETING CANCELLED!! Due to the number of 'out of towners' for the holiday weekend we will not meet in July.
August 1 meeting will be POTLUCK at the home of MARGARET REESE. The main dish will be the steaks left over from BRMR. I will do a reminder prior to meeting date but you MUST RSVP to Margaret by Monday July 30. If you confirm and miss the meeting you will pay $5.00 for the steak thawed for you. If you fail to RSVP in time to thaw out a steak for you'll be 'bring your own'. As the date nears you will get a reminder email.
Our GWTA rep Jimmie Phillips reminded everyone that GWTA now allows all motorcycle riders to become members. In the past they limited membership to only Gold Wing riders. For info on GWTA or membership please call him at 274-1557. For any who may have forgot CLRR is associated with GWTA, we are chapter L. There is a GWTA website where you can get info.
Sincerely Susan

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bob Alvord's Last Ride

Bobby's wish was to have his ashes spread around the lake. Today was the day for Bobby's last breakfast at Judy's Junction and ride around the lake.

After leaving Judy's Junction with a motorcade 6 motorcycles (lead by Bob Jordan) and Bobby's motor home carrying 8 passenger and Bobby's Harley memorabilia decked "urn" headed east on Highway 20. Along the way Susan, with assistance from John N, released Bobby's ashes as Bob P drove the motor home.

After making the circuit of Highway 20 to Highway 53 to Highway 29 the motorcade stopped at the Visitor Center in Lakeport to spread the last of Bobby's ashes.

Participants included: Susan and Bob P, John & Pat N, Margaret R, Dennis & Michelle P, Bob & Carol J, Chuck G, Peggie R, Danny T, Cy U, Wayne B, Larry and Suzanne S.

Friday, June 01, 2007

May Minutes





Clear Lake Road Riders Meeting Agenda: Date: 5/2/2007

1. Call meeting to order:
2. Roll Call:
3. Introduction of guests: Cathy (Lynn Hollenback’s sister) & Tom & Trish Bales from Williams returned as guests. They have filled out their membership application.

Reading of minutes, corrections or vote of acceptance as printed:
Motion: Carol Jordan Second: John Norcio

5. Treasurer report by Margaret Reese - Ride for Kids $746.35

- Toy Run $1225.72

- General Fund $575.69

6. Announcements: Jimmie had lots of GWTA rides-I’ll add them as an attachment

7. Communications:
California State dept. sent paperwork confirming our non-profit & incorporation—if you forgot this had lapsed for several years and Steve Sayers went above and beyond to get us back in good standing.

8. Applications for membership: Tom & Trish Bales

9. Balloting on applications: be sure you picked up a roster with the new members Don Whittier, Ron Peavey, Buster Haas listed.

10. Public relations report: none

Adopt a highway: Friday May 20th- we were a little short on help but we managed. Nobody found anything but trash. Steve Biggs will give us the date for the next time we do ‘Adopt-a-highway’.

11. Road Captain report & Rides:

Past rides- 4/22 Bike Blessing: low participation due to drizzly weather. Sayers, Potters, Steve Biggs all got blessed & a little wet, then came home for the car and finished at the Boathouse for a good lunch with a stop in between to check out the home/garden show at the fairgrounds. David & Margaret Rutherford were there as well. (prospective members). David had a slippery incident and they got a little muddy—glad there was no damage to bike or person.

4-28 Sayers went to Occidental. Steve led but had no followers…guess everyone was in Redding for Fallen Rider.

4-28 VFW/Vietnam Vets in Ukiah: spaghetti feed was good according to Sayers and Wayne.

4-29 Sayers & Potters rode to Chico the 29th for good mex!

- Potential Rides see attachment

- Misc. Wayne Bohn paid his $5.00 new bike fine.

12. GWTA Report Jimmie gave us a lot of info on GWTA upcoming events & reported on the Fallen Rider event in

13. Special Committees report: BOB REESE MEMORIAL-benefit for Ride 4 Kids

Thanks to all the ‘workers’ & riders. Our ride was the 6th of May. Come to the meeting for the scoop on riders and dollars. Participation was low due to competition with many other rides.

14. Old Business: none?

15. New Business: Bob made a motion to donate to Nick Norcio for the KISS A PIG fundraiser to benefit local charity-there were several who seconded the motion and it passed to give $100 & in exchange we got 4 dinner tickets for the KISS A PIG dinner –those tickets were given as ride prizes at the BRMR ride.

Also: I have printed the cards Suzanne designed to give to prospective members. Please pick up a few to put in your wallet. They’re very attractive and a nice way to invite people we see around town that aren’t members. There’s a line for ‘invited by’- put your name on it & either your phone number or mine so if they need info they can call.

16. Unfinished Business: we discussed the Waves to Wine happening September 29-30-the club members appeared interested in helping with the event. Log on at Waves to for more info.

There was also discussion about helping with the triathlon coming to Lake county June 10-more at the meeting in June.

17. Good of the order:

John Norcio reported on the proclamation for making May motorcycle safety awareness month.

18. The ‘anonymous’ (because I forgot to write down who won) winner of 50/50 donated the money back to the RIDE 4 KIDS account.

19. Adjournment.

Member special occasions in June:

Happy birthday to: Laura Youles June 1, John Norcio June 9-, Pres. Sayers June 16, Michelle Prator June 20

No anniversaries? Or, do I need corrections on the ‘corrected’ roster??

Please let me know if you don’t have a current roster. I also have copies of the cell phone numbers for members—a useful tool to have if you ever break down or get separated on an outing, or if you’re running late to meet the group!

CLRR 2007 president: Steve Sayers

Minutes submitted by Susan Potter.


Saturday May 19 at Roger’s Glass in Lakeport -- ABATE yard sale—fundraiser for the scholarship fund to help a couple local young people attend a trade school.

This could be fun! Anyone interested in making this ride???

Saturday May 26: Big Foot Poker run in Weaverville

For info call John Ellwanger (530) 275-1055 or Tim & Sue Ford @ 530 628-1079

This coincides with the Trinity Mineral & Gem show.

$20 advanced or $25 that day. Incl. poker hand, dinner & 1 raffle ticket.

There will be a breakfast Sunday for $4.

Benefit: the after school program at the Lapidary School

Wednesday June 6th-meeting at the COTTAGE COFFEE SHOP

Sunday June 10: triathalon……..this is supposed to be Ladies Choice ride day…….any ideas?

Call me or email and I’ll get it out on group mail

June 8-10 GWTA: Gold Country Riders-WILLITS campout

Camping at KOA –I have a flyer for anyone interested; call me.

Will CLRR be riding up to Willits Sunday the 10th for pancakes (we have in years past but I know the triathalon is the same day…we might be there instead)

June 16: Diablo county Wings will visit the Jelly Belly. Call me if you want ‘particulars’)