Sunday, September 17, 2006

Davison, Michigan September 14 - 17

The top photo is of Jo & Steve at the US/Ontario border awaiting our turns to get back into the USA.

2nd photo - arriving in Davison
3rd photo - park benching it in Frankenmuth, Michigan
4th photo - departing Davison

We stopped to visit with Jo's Aunt Helen and Uncle Dick in Davison, Michigan - just east of Flint.

Had a great time and ate far too much. What nice people! Larry & I have decided we want to be adopted! P.S. - if Uncle Dick says "This is a true story....." BEWARE! What fun!

While we were there Steve got the oil changed and a new tire on the Harley - and a piece that the shifter attachs to cuz the service dude was heavy footed.

Larry got the bearings changed on the trailer. We also picked up more fuses. After the big rain in New York the trike is blowing tail/brake light fuses at two a day. Once the temperatures rise and the dew dries, the problem goes away.....

We were only going to be at Jo's aunt's house two nights but we opted for an additional night due to the unsettled weather.

We left Davison at 8 a.m. this morning (a little later because Cousin Jennie was a little late getting there to say goodbye). We had great weather until we got about 10 miles from the Illinois/Iowa border on I-80. We finally found the rain/wind/lightning that the weather services had been talking about. We are currently at a Comfort Inn in Riverside, IA...with a view of the Mississippi River.

Tomorrow we travel into Nebraska. Depending on the weather we will either spend a another night on the road OR make it to Alliance & Larry's mother's home.

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