Monday, September 11, 2006

New Jersey to Bedford, PA

This was the day we were to go into Washington, DC. After the ghastly traffic in NYC we decided that we'd avoid the events in DC and take a nice leisurely ride out of NJ. It was only 277 miles and PA is really very pretty....very green.

John is still in the hospital, but Jordans are on their way to Bedford, PA

It was so nice not to be rushing somewhere. There have been many times during this trip that our escorts thought they, and we, were professional riders because we were changing lanes in heavy traffic at 75 mph.

We stopped for breakfast in Water Gap, PA and met a nice group of senior Special Olympians. Most of their questions were, "Does it go fast?"

The photo of the guys is as they are looking at the fish in the stream, not in need of a break!

On arriving in Bedford we met with the Jordans. Later in the evening we had cocktails in Burcher's room and then went over to Mr. Ed's Steakhouse for dinner.

This morning we will be riding to the Flight 93 crash site area. We will park the bikes and be shuttled to the memorial area. The president is going to be there so security is a zoo. Hope to have some good photos this evening.

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