Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Amarillo to Tulsa via Oklahoma City

We left Amarillo on I40 with Suzanne in the lead and immediately ran into thick fog and road construction. We took the scenic route on detour I40 east for a mile - and got back on the highway. For the first gas stop Suzanne saw a Chevron sign west of Shamrock, Oklahoma (or was it Texas?) By this time the entire group was behind Suzanne.....Suzanne leads the group to the Chevron and discovers that it is no longer open (there ought to be a law that gas stations have to update their highway signs). Suzanne then lead the group through the town of Shamrock - where there are virtually no businesses open or people around. However, one ride shared that we had made some lady's day, cuz she was waving like crazy. We returned to I40 and stopped at the station at the next exit. No one said one comment about the female rider getting lost!

We picked up a police escort west of Oklahoma City. The escort took us to the memorial site of the Muir Building. If you ever the opportunity to visit the memorial and museum, don't pass it up....they have done an excellent job on the museum and memorial. One exhibit had several of us moving on quickly because it was just too emotional to stand and contemplate.

From Oklahoma City we rode of Route 66. Part of the way we had county escorts. Outside Tulsa we were welcomed by Bikers & Trikers and, with our escort, went to the VFW Hall for a tribute and dinner cooked by Ladies Auxillary members.

It is difficult for me to share with you the warmth we have been afforded by so many just need to be here.

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