Monday, September 11, 2006

Leighton, PA to NYC and NJ

In Leighton we stayed in a "Mom & Pop" motel that, while lacking wi-fi was cozy and the owner was friendly and truly caring that our rooms were to our liking. Mahonig Inn.

From Leighton, PA firehouse to rode up the road escorted to an organized 9/11 Memorial Run. Don't ask me where! After paying $20 a piece to participate (this to cover the cost of bridge & tunnels tolls as well as a bus to ground zero and lunch) we rode with 1,000 motorcycles through NYC to Lower Manhattan and on to Brooklyn Harley Davidson.

I took many photos....only so much space here.

John is still in the hospital and Jordans are still with him.

The remainder of our group were in NYC - missed any bus to ground zero, but drove by it twice.

Exiting NYC was a nightmare. We were escorted to Hobokin MC in New Jersey and then on to our motel in Secaucus. It took HOURS to go 8 miles. Consensus of we Northern Californians - they can keep NYC. Nice to see from afar!

We stayed in a Red Roof Inn - I wouldn't bother staying in one if I didn't have to. They have the fewest aminities of all the chain motels.

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