Thursday, September 28, 2006

Susanville to Sacramento

Chilly start to an awesome day of riding - couldn't ask for a better final day to this awesome month! We didn't get on a highway until we were at Oroville - have you ever been to Taylorsville? They have an antique cash register that is still in use at the grocery store. The gentleman in the store allowed Larry & Steve to ring up our purchases using the cash register.

We had a flat tire on the trailer - rock connected with the sidewall. Fortunately Burcher's spare trailer tire fit so we didn't lose a lot of time. As it happens we had stopped at the little resort Jo's parents developed 40 years ago. A fortunate stop all around - they had a piece of wood for a jack and a large screwdriver to use with Steve's Harley lug wrench.

We were "home" by 3:15 p.m.

Many observations - all in all a great trip with great weather. Can't wait to do it again next year with minor variations!

Burns, OR to Susanville, CA

A lovely day for a ride....rather boring through Oregon, but the scenery improved once we rode into California.

Had a good Mexican food lunch in Lakeview.

Almost home!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Arco, ID to Burns, Oregon

We try to ride on secondary roads because it makes for a nice ride and we get to actually see the country instead of the interstate.

A very nice ride. By the time we stopped in Boise we were down to our regular layers of clothing. YEAH! There is a new Cabela's in Boise so we spent two hours there.

On Highway 20 to Burns, OR we saw LOTS of critters....including birds of prey in action and a coyote going in for a kill (neither were successful).

Staying at the Best Inns & Suites in Burns. Leaving shortly on secondary roads for a lesiurely ride into the Gold Country of California. Should be "home" in the Sacramento area by Friday. It will take days to get the bikes clean - my poor baby has NEVER been this dirty!

Dubois to Arco, Idaho

When we left Dubois (with sunny weather and multiple layers of clothes) we came across 10 miles of road construction. The gravel areas were packed pretty good, just crossing over from one lane to another was difficult. The construction ended just east of Togehti Pass (sorry if it is misspelled!). As we continued west a construction semi with a trailer of rip/rap was headed east - the road went one way and the load shifted toward our lane. I saw a rock fly out of the trailer as was breathing a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, Burchers were not so fortunate. By the time the truck approached them 7 rocks fly their way. Steve dodged 6 and 1 rock connected with the motorcycle. They thought it had been a glancing blow and continued on.

When we stopped at the T. Lodge they discovered that the rock had connected with the upper portion of the left side of the fairing leaving a whole about the size of a tennis ball and cracking a 12 inch portion of the fairing. We found the name of the construction company and rode into Jackson, WY to pick up the damage report form for the state.

The best thing to be said - no one was hurt! Otherwise, that bites big time!

We saw some fantastic scenery between Dubois and Arco - Larry & I have been through this way many times, but never this time of year. We have to say - you really ought to go to the Tetons and Yellowstone in September to heighten the already superb sights!

Arco, Idaho is in the middle of no where--really!

Nebraska to Dubois, Wy

We had to stay in Nebraska a long time due to the weather. While there we drove up to Mount Rushmore and did some shopping. When we did leave it was another cool ride. We stopped in Glenrock and checked on our is still there!

Ride to Dubois had some high moments....lots of nothing moments too. Stayed in a nice Super 8 Motel.

Alliance, Nebraska and Scotts Bluff Monument

The day we arrived in Alliance the weather had improved. We visited with Larry's family and went to Scottsbluff one day and walked down Scotts Bluff Monument.

We also stopped by Nebraska's Carhenge.

Michigan to Nebraska

Been a while since I posted....being stuck in Nebraska for 5 days without internet access will do that to a person.

From Michigan we tried to stay ahead of the bad weather with SOME success. It was cool and cloudy across Indiana into Nebraska. We found a great place to stay in Norfolk, Nebraska at the New Victorian Inn - $47 included a hot breakfast, nice room, pool and spa.

From Norfolk to Alliance we FROZE in the a.m. but it wasn't cloudy. By afternoon we were down to 4 layers instead of 6 or 7.

We stayed on secondary roads to get the flavor of the country - aside from that there wasn't much to see.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Davison, Michigan September 14 - 17

The top photo is of Jo & Steve at the US/Ontario border awaiting our turns to get back into the USA.

2nd photo - arriving in Davison
3rd photo - park benching it in Frankenmuth, Michigan
4th photo - departing Davison

We stopped to visit with Jo's Aunt Helen and Uncle Dick in Davison, Michigan - just east of Flint.

Had a great time and ate far too much. What nice people! Larry & I have decided we want to be adopted! P.S. - if Uncle Dick says "This is a true story....." BEWARE! What fun!

While we were there Steve got the oil changed and a new tire on the Harley - and a piece that the shifter attachs to cuz the service dude was heavy footed.

Larry got the bearings changed on the trailer. We also picked up more fuses. After the big rain in New York the trike is blowing tail/brake light fuses at two a day. Once the temperatures rise and the dew dries, the problem goes away.....

We were only going to be at Jo's aunt's house two nights but we opted for an additional night due to the unsettled weather.

We left Davison at 8 a.m. this morning (a little later because Cousin Jennie was a little late getting there to say goodbye). We had great weather until we got about 10 miles from the Illinois/Iowa border on I-80. We finally found the rain/wind/lightning that the weather services had been talking about. We are currently at a Comfort Inn in Riverside, IA...with a view of the Mississippi River.

Tomorrow we travel into Nebraska. Depending on the weather we will either spend a another night on the road OR make it to Alliance & Larry's mother's home.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sept. 13-14

Hi Everyone:

The first picture is Gary and Marj Covert getting a gift of appretiation from the CLRR group that attended the ride.

On wednesday, after a complete soaking, Carol and I, Chuck & Steve & Les dripped all over John's hospital room floor. We met the nicest people in Jim and Karla Bevens (GWRRA-CD's) who brought us to their home and got my front tire changed and an oil/filter change for my bike; found John a trailer to buy to pack his trike/trailer, and fed us. All they wanted was for us to have a safe trip. What wonderful people. Sorry no pictures.

By Thursday, John was on the road with Gary/Marj Covert towing John to Springfield where he would meet up w/ a friend to take him home. Yes, he's getting better but not ready to ride.

Carol and I drove to Cambridge, OH and then on to Chambersburg, PA. We'll visit Gettysburg and then Carol's brother in Mt. Joy, PA. Plan to visit John's aunt in Upper Marlboro, MD and then Williamsburg, VA. before heading west. Yes, it has been raining. I'll try to add a few photo's to this blog...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New York to London, Ontario

Burchers and Schneiders rode to Niagra Falls and then on to London, Ontario today. We had virtually zero rain until we got to Woodstock, Ontario. The 402 had scored pavement and the rain was heavy. We pulled over to watch the weather and someone shared that it was worse ahead.

So we took Highway 2 to London and are hunkered down for the night a the Airport Inn and Suites. Nice place, just no where near to eat. Fortunately we stopped about 20 miles into Ontario for something to eat. We ate at the Lazy Lizard in St. Catherine's. REALLY good food and reasonable prices. They had a steak special for lunch for $8 Canadian. We figured tiny was huge and came with fries and soup.

Niagra Falls was great - the way the state park is set up there are places where the water is extremely close. We didn't do the boat, but we did do extensive walking in the park.

The GPS routed us through downtown Hamilton - the scenic route! We have never seen so many Catholic churches in one area of one city EVER.

It seems that most photos of people on a motorcycle trip are either on the road with helmets or butt shots!

We had trouble with fuses blowing. Eventually determined that the Wig-Wag had failed. I think it was too damned wet - poor baby is used to be in it's nice snug garage!

Leaving Bedford, PA

September 12th saw the end of our group ride.

The bowl of fruit was my breakfast - the only significance is that is was $3.49---pretty cheap in the middle of PA where they don't grow this stuff!

Jo, Steve, Larry & Suzanne headed for Niagara Falls, NY and made it to within 80 miles of Niagara Falls before throwing in the towel because of the low temperatures and intermittent rains. We stayed in Springville, NY and are currently waiting to see if we will stay warm and dry today or forge on in light rain. It rained so much that our full cover had water collected in the lower seams. We loaned Burcher's our half cover and the next a.m. they picked up a really nice full cover at the Walmart across from the motel. Didn't matter what kind of cover was used the seats were wet.

I spoke with Bob Jordan this a.m. - Bob & Carol Jordan, Gary & Marj Covert and Les traveled to Ohio. At a rest stop on the way they came across Steve & Chuck. They teamed up again and rode to London, Ohio and converged on the hospital where John is staying. Bob said they ran into heavy rain and were totally soaked when they got to the hospital.

John is being released from the hospital and his plan is to get a trailer and Gary will drive John either half way or all the way to California (if half way someone from California will meet them).

We all wish for DRY weather!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Somerset County, PA 9-11-06

We traveled from Bedford to the crash site of Flight 93 in Somerset County - a little rainy, but that just made the tears blend in.

People we respectful of the families of the victims and each other.

Well worth the trip across the USA.

Only fly in the ointment were the ASSHOLES from Kansas with their ignorant protest signs.

The photo with Nicole Miller's name on the bench - Nicole was John Norcio's next door neighbor and friends with his children as they were growing up.

Jordans will be heading back to Columbus, OH to see John 9-12.
Chuck & Steve Biggs are heading west for home.
Burchers and Schneiders are headed for Niagra Falls....and may stay in the area a couple of days due to rain.

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Jersey to Bedford, PA

This was the day we were to go into Washington, DC. After the ghastly traffic in NYC we decided that we'd avoid the events in DC and take a nice leisurely ride out of NJ. It was only 277 miles and PA is really very pretty....very green.

John is still in the hospital, but Jordans are on their way to Bedford, PA

It was so nice not to be rushing somewhere. There have been many times during this trip that our escorts thought they, and we, were professional riders because we were changing lanes in heavy traffic at 75 mph.

We stopped for breakfast in Water Gap, PA and met a nice group of senior Special Olympians. Most of their questions were, "Does it go fast?"

The photo of the guys is as they are looking at the fish in the stream, not in need of a break!

On arriving in Bedford we met with the Jordans. Later in the evening we had cocktails in Burcher's room and then went over to Mr. Ed's Steakhouse for dinner.

This morning we will be riding to the Flight 93 crash site area. We will park the bikes and be shuttled to the memorial area. The president is going to be there so security is a zoo. Hope to have some good photos this evening.