Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dubois to Arco, Idaho

When we left Dubois (with sunny weather and multiple layers of clothes) we came across 10 miles of road construction. The gravel areas were packed pretty good, just crossing over from one lane to another was difficult. The construction ended just east of Togehti Pass (sorry if it is misspelled!). As we continued west a construction semi with a trailer of rip/rap was headed east - the road went one way and the load shifted toward our lane. I saw a rock fly out of the trailer as was breathing a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, Burchers were not so fortunate. By the time the truck approached them 7 rocks fly their way. Steve dodged 6 and 1 rock connected with the motorcycle. They thought it had been a glancing blow and continued on.

When we stopped at the T. Lodge they discovered that the rock had connected with the upper portion of the left side of the fairing leaving a whole about the size of a tennis ball and cracking a 12 inch portion of the fairing. We found the name of the construction company and rode into Jackson, WY to pick up the damage report form for the state.

The best thing to be said - no one was hurt! Otherwise, that bites big time!

We saw some fantastic scenery between Dubois and Arco - Larry & I have been through this way many times, but never this time of year. We have to say - you really ought to go to the Tetons and Yellowstone in September to heighten the already superb sights!

Arco, Idaho is in the middle of no where--really!

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