Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leaving Bedford, PA

September 12th saw the end of our group ride.

The bowl of fruit was my breakfast - the only significance is that is was $3.49---pretty cheap in the middle of PA where they don't grow this stuff!

Jo, Steve, Larry & Suzanne headed for Niagara Falls, NY and made it to within 80 miles of Niagara Falls before throwing in the towel because of the low temperatures and intermittent rains. We stayed in Springville, NY and are currently waiting to see if we will stay warm and dry today or forge on in light rain. It rained so much that our full cover had water collected in the lower seams. We loaned Burcher's our half cover and the next a.m. they picked up a really nice full cover at the Walmart across from the motel. Didn't matter what kind of cover was used the seats were wet.

I spoke with Bob Jordan this a.m. - Bob & Carol Jordan, Gary & Marj Covert and Les traveled to Ohio. At a rest stop on the way they came across Steve & Chuck. They teamed up again and rode to London, Ohio and converged on the hospital where John is staying. Bob said they ran into heavy rain and were totally soaked when they got to the hospital.

John is being released from the hospital and his plan is to get a trailer and Gary will drive John either half way or all the way to California (if half way someone from California will meet them).

We all wish for DRY weather!

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