Monday, September 04, 2006

Albuquerque to Amarillo, TX

Up at 4 to go to the Balloon Park. Larry, Steve Burcher, and Steve Biggs helped some ground crews prepare the balloons for lift off.

After that we rode over to the Graham Central Station building for a photo op with the memorial semi....and left town.

Along I40 we saw two wrecked big-rigs and many NASCAR trucks headed away from California. Very nice trucks.

The photos should tell some of the story.

Steve Bigg, the Burchers and the Schneiders are at the Holiday Inn. The Jordans, John Norcio and Chuck Gillingham are at the Fairfield Inn 5 miles away.

After doing the laundry we will be going to the place that as the 72 oz. steak for FREE IF you can eat it in one hour.


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Burcher Fan Club said...

we would like to hear detailled description of Steve Burcher's activities around the baloon. We imagine that Steve worked very hard to convince people that there was more to it than simply going up and down.