Sunday, March 04, 2007

March 3-4 Rides

Lynn & Jana, Steve & Pat, Susan, Bob, Steve Biggs, Larry, Suzanne, Bob Jordan and John rode to River Rock Casino on the 3rd.....lovely ride. After arriving at River Rock we were told it would be 45 minutes to get into the buffet. Decided too long and too smoky.

Susan & Bob left the group and rode to Calistoga for Mexican food.

The remainder of the group opted to return to Cloverdale and try for lunch at PK's Cafe. News is Pk's isn't open on Saturdays either! We rode on to the Hamburger Ranch and Pasta Farm....yummy food!

On leaving Cloverdale we rode to Ukiah for a stop at the Cold Stone Creamery before continuing home.

On Sunday an impromptu ride began at the Moose Lodge in Clearlake Oaks (Steve & Pat, Larry & Suzanne tried their breakfast buffet. A well spent $7 each!)

Steve & Pat, Bob & Carol, John, Chuck, Larry, Suzanne, Don Whittier and friend Starr, and Dennis left the Moose Lodge after 12 p.m. to check out where Hartmann Road goes....nowhere. We turned around and head toward Middletown and checked out Grange too dead ends to private property.

New plan - head back toward Lower Lake via Big Canyon Road. As we left Middletown the sign read "Closed to through traffic due to unsafe road conditions." Well, the condition of the road was bad, but the condition of the bridges were better than most in Lake County.

Another very nice day for a ride!

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