Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11 Ride

Today there were 19 motorcycles for the ride to Maxwell. In the future we need to make sure the road captain actually knows how to get to the destination BEFORE the actual turn!

After lunch at the Maxwell Inn Steve Sayer led us on a ride to the South Butte area in Sutter County. From Maxwell we rode on Hwy 45 to Hwy 20 to S. Butte to E. Butte to N. Butte to W Butte Rd. Lots of twisties, good pavement and no hills - plenty of other motorcycles, bicycles and Sunday drivers, but not too much traffic. We rode 80 miles around the butte before returning to Colusa for a beverage stop.

We then rode back to Lake County via Hwy 20 - some riders headed "home" and others stopped in Clearlake Oaks for dinner at the Happy Garden before riding home.

For Larry & me it was a 250 mile day.

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