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December 2007 Minutes


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Minutes of meeting December 5,2007

~~Please pay your dues $25/couple & $15/single~~


eat @ 6:00 so we can begin meeting by 7:00

Nineteen members were present. Guest/prospective member Bob Weis was introduced.

One of the first orders of business was the introduction of a possible amendment to the bylaws regarding nomination deadlines and the actual voting by the members for officers. Chuck Gillingham drafted the proposal. It was read by Chuck and then per the bylaws our President Steve Sayers read the proposal to the members. Bylaws require that the proposal be read at the two meetings, then there will be discussion and the proposal will go to the members for voting.

The sole purpose of the amendment would be to set policy to give members time to consider running for office or being nominated for office & to make the annual transition of officers become effective in January (instead of the current method of voting in November and handing off to the new officers following the December meeting). Discussion will be at the next meeting. Any future action on the proposal will be under the guidance of the 2008 officers; and of course, the membership’s vote.

Treasurer’s report by Margaret Reese was presented as follows;

General fund $446.29

Ride for Kids $480.24

Toy Run $4713.79

Toy Run results:

lunch $945. 50/50 $115. Donation 295.24 extra meat that was sold $133.

total: $1558.24

Motion to accept : first Lynn Hollenback- second by Robert Jordan-ayes carried.

Bills were presented as :

Steve Sayers postage and fees for IRS & getting our non-profit status in good standing $25.48

Susan Potter: ink cartridges for minutes and flyers over the year $45 Motion to reimburse was made by Carol Jordan, second by Pat Sayers -motion carried to pay expenses.

Paul Breunig reported on the Toy Run & showed the Certificates of Appreciation to be presented to our major supporters. Paul’s count was 40 bikes braving the elements and no count on the No Name Car Club or other autos that participated. Music was provided at no charge by PUBLIC NUISANCE. They donated their tips to the Toy Run in the amount of $30.

Carol Jordan has set up tables in Breunig's barn and has things sorted for our ‘shoppers’ to fill their lists on Thursday (Dec. 6) evening at Breunig’s barn. Cookies and coffee will be there. A thank you card will be sent to CMA for working the kitchen. Nick Norcio & Danny Garrison worked the barbeque all day to keep the steaks coming! They have this down to a fine art! Thank you Nick & Danny. Carol Jordan ( & company) have shopped. We’re still short on teen boys items.

I will see that Public Nuisance gets a THANK YOU card.

Steve Biggs announced ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY JANUARY 4TH FRIDAY @ 10:00 at the Nice Lucerne cutoff.

GWTA rep Jimmie Phillips was absent. Chuck didn’t have any GWTA news to report.

A membership application, in good order, (with dues) was presented by John & Lynn Hicks. They were unanimously voted to become members of CLEAR LAKE ROAD RIDERS. Welcome to the group. Its always exciting to have new members come in. Get Well to Lynn, she has been sick and wasn’t able to participate in the Toy Run or the meeting.

Fifty-fifty ($36.50) was won by Peggie Rombach (she’s on a lucky streak).

Most exciting order of business:

Steve Sayers handed off the president briefcase to Lynn. The archives and secretary gear went to Paul Breunig.

Your officers for 2008:

President Lynn Hollenback 263-4101

Vice-president Buzz Woods 279-0296

Secretary Paul Breunig 263-9000 (unlisted home-this is Hillside Honda’s number)

Adopt-a-highway Steve Biggs 263-4439

Sgt @ Arms Robert Potter 279-2911

Ride captain isn’t an elected position. Due to lack of participation in filling elected positions; the posts of ride captain and public relations will rotate among those who are willing to act.

Celebrations for December:

Happy birthday : Larry Schneider & Wayne Bohn Dec.3, John Hicks Dec 25, Carol Jordan Dec. 20, Susan Potter Dec 19, Happy anniversary to Steve & Willie Biggs Dec. 4, & Larry & Suzanne Schneider Dec. 22

Oh yeah; Merry Christmas & here's to a Happy New Year!



Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Susan Potter, 2007 secretary

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