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May Minutes





Clear Lake Road Riders Meeting Agenda: Date: 5/2/2007

1. Call meeting to order:
2. Roll Call:
3. Introduction of guests: Cathy (Lynn Hollenback’s sister) & Tom & Trish Bales from Williams returned as guests. They have filled out their membership application.

Reading of minutes, corrections or vote of acceptance as printed:
Motion: Carol Jordan Second: John Norcio

5. Treasurer report by Margaret Reese - Ride for Kids $746.35

- Toy Run $1225.72

- General Fund $575.69

6. Announcements: Jimmie had lots of GWTA rides-I’ll add them as an attachment

7. Communications:
California State dept. sent paperwork confirming our non-profit & incorporation—if you forgot this had lapsed for several years and Steve Sayers went above and beyond to get us back in good standing.

8. Applications for membership: Tom & Trish Bales

9. Balloting on applications: be sure you picked up a roster with the new members Don Whittier, Ron Peavey, Buster Haas listed.

10. Public relations report: none

Adopt a highway: Friday May 20th- we were a little short on help but we managed. Nobody found anything but trash. Steve Biggs will give us the date for the next time we do ‘Adopt-a-highway’.

11. Road Captain report & Rides:

Past rides- 4/22 Bike Blessing: low participation due to drizzly weather. Sayers, Potters, Steve Biggs all got blessed & a little wet, then came home for the car and finished at the Boathouse for a good lunch with a stop in between to check out the home/garden show at the fairgrounds. David & Margaret Rutherford were there as well. (prospective members). David had a slippery incident and they got a little muddy—glad there was no damage to bike or person.

4-28 Sayers went to Occidental. Steve led but had no followers…guess everyone was in Redding for Fallen Rider.

4-28 VFW/Vietnam Vets in Ukiah: spaghetti feed was good according to Sayers and Wayne.

4-29 Sayers & Potters rode to Chico the 29th for good mex!

- Potential Rides see attachment

- Misc. Wayne Bohn paid his $5.00 new bike fine.

12. GWTA Report Jimmie gave us a lot of info on GWTA upcoming events & reported on the Fallen Rider event in

13. Special Committees report: BOB REESE MEMORIAL-benefit for Ride 4 Kids

Thanks to all the ‘workers’ & riders. Our ride was the 6th of May. Come to the meeting for the scoop on riders and dollars. Participation was low due to competition with many other rides.

14. Old Business: none?

15. New Business: Bob made a motion to donate to Nick Norcio for the KISS A PIG fundraiser to benefit local charity-there were several who seconded the motion and it passed to give $100 & in exchange we got 4 dinner tickets for the KISS A PIG dinner –those tickets were given as ride prizes at the BRMR ride.

Also: I have printed the cards Suzanne designed to give to prospective members. Please pick up a few to put in your wallet. They’re very attractive and a nice way to invite people we see around town that aren’t members. There’s a line for ‘invited by’- put your name on it & either your phone number or mine so if they need info they can call.

16. Unfinished Business: we discussed the Waves to Wine happening September 29-30-the club members appeared interested in helping with the event. Log on at Waves to for more info.

There was also discussion about helping with the triathlon coming to Lake county June 10-more at the meeting in June.

17. Good of the order:

John Norcio reported on the proclamation for making May motorcycle safety awareness month.

18. The ‘anonymous’ (because I forgot to write down who won) winner of 50/50 donated the money back to the RIDE 4 KIDS account.

19. Adjournment.

Member special occasions in June:

Happy birthday to: Laura Youles June 1, John Norcio June 9-, Pres. Sayers June 16, Michelle Prator June 20

No anniversaries? Or, do I need corrections on the ‘corrected’ roster??

Please let me know if you don’t have a current roster. I also have copies of the cell phone numbers for members—a useful tool to have if you ever break down or get separated on an outing, or if you’re running late to meet the group!

CLRR 2007 president: Steve Sayers

Minutes submitted by Susan Potter.


Saturday May 19 at Roger’s Glass in Lakeport -- ABATE yard sale—fundraiser for the scholarship fund to help a couple local young people attend a trade school.

This could be fun! Anyone interested in making this ride???

Saturday May 26: Big Foot Poker run in Weaverville

For info call John Ellwanger (530) 275-1055 or Tim & Sue Ford @ 530 628-1079

This coincides with the Trinity Mineral & Gem show.

$20 advanced or $25 that day. Incl. poker hand, dinner & 1 raffle ticket.

There will be a breakfast Sunday for $4.

Benefit: the after school program at the Lapidary School

Wednesday June 6th-meeting at the COTTAGE COFFEE SHOP

Sunday June 10: triathalon……..this is supposed to be Ladies Choice ride day…….any ideas?

Call me or email and I’ll get it out on group mail

June 8-10 GWTA: Gold Country Riders-WILLITS campout

Camping at KOA –I have a flyer for anyone interested; call me.

Will CLRR be riding up to Willits Sunday the 10th for pancakes (we have in years past but I know the triathalon is the same day…we might be there instead)

June 16: Diablo county Wings will visit the Jelly Belly. Call me if you want ‘particulars’)

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