Sunday, July 20, 2008

June and July 2008

The club members continue to have meetings.

For a while there it looked like the club members were doing advertisements for crutches, braces, and walking canes. Happy to say at the least social event everyone was walking on their own!

The club members continue to gear up for the Taylor's Tavern Toy Run Fund Raiser for October 11th - if you have something to donate please contact Barbara or Paul at 263-9000.

The Toy Run is December 7th.

A few club members ride over the Hopland weekly for the half-price buffet (yum, yum).

A few club members ride daily.

A few club members have gone on multi state rides - to Alaska, to Montana and to Missouri.

Road clean-up August 2nd.

Next meeting August 5th at the Cottage Cafe in Lakeport.

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