Sunday, February 25, 2007

February Minutes


Minutes of February 7, 2007

March 7 meeting will be at the Cottage Coffee Shop-Lakeport

Nineteen members & 4 prospective members: Ron Peavey, Buster Haas, David & Margaret Rutherford met at the Happy Garden Thai Restaurant.

General Business

Minutes for last month were approved as submitted.

Treasurer Margaret gave her report as follows:

General fund: 881.63

Ride for Kids: 441.99

Toy Run: 1373.67

For a total of $2,354.63

We have an application for membership pending for Don Whittier.

Steve Biggs reported on the last Adopt-a-highway date. Seven members picked up 16 bags of trash. A motion was made to reimburse the person holding this office for gas expenses. The members unanimously agreed that the captain of this office to be paid $10/per pick up date. Effective immediately.

A page of standard hand signals for group rides was passed out. This is especially important as more of our group is a blend of those with radios and those without!

Lynn Hollenback & Jana Van Housen paid the ‘new ride’ fine of $5.00. Congratulations! Lynn went on to report on the weekend rides that have happened since we last met. His goal is to ride every weekend –weather permitting. Rain forecast for the upcoming weekend cancels the Ladies Choice Sunday ride.

Reminder: Ladies Choice will be the Sunday following the Wednesday meeting. Members are encouraged to suggest their favorite rides.

Jana won the 50-50 of $45 and donated her winnings back to the club. Thanks Jana!

Sorry I forgot the special occasions for January!!

Gene Kirkendall birthday & anniversary Jan. 7th

Dennis & Michelle Prator’s anniversary Jan. 18th

Dennis’ birthday the 27th

February occasions:

Cy Youles Happy birthday Feb. 7th –thanks for sharing your cake!

John & Pat Norcio anniversary February 13th

Potters anniversary February 17

February calendar:

Sunday 2/11: Ladies choice –postponed due to forecast for rain


Other than the 10:00 departure fromMc Donalds- times are estimates.

Lynn will lead from Lakeport McDonalds @ 10:00 SHARP

Join at CHP stoplight Kelseyville at 10:15-ish

Join from Kits Corner around 10:20-ish

Or Lower Lake Foster’s Freeze around 10:30-ish

Or at the junction of 20 & 53 around 10:45-ish

The pack will NOT STOP at these points, you will need to ‘roll in’ and join the pack on the go. We are ‘in the spotlight’ when we travel in a pack and the image we want to project is that of safe, courteous riders. Most importantly we don’t want anyone to have a ‘bad ride’ story.

March Events

Meeting March 7 Cottage Coffee Shop!

Ladies choice: March 11

Daffodil Hill—depending on the weather and ‘blossoms’ -Overnight in Jackson Leave Lake county Saturday morning-return Sunday evening.

APRIL: Steve & Pat Sayers will be going to Death Valley; leaving around the 7,8, or 9th dictated by weather- for those who want to go you can contact them. This isn’t a ‘structured ride’ with a rigid itenary. The trip will return by April 14 or 15th. Rooms aren’t being booked in advance.

Minutes submitted by Susan Potter.

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