Saturday, August 26, 2006

Torches Across America

Lake County, CA Clear Lake Road Riders will have 7 riders, 2 motorcycles and 3 trikes beginning the Torches Across America ride in September.

Two trikes with Bob & Carol Jordan and John Norcio will begin the TAA in Oceanside, CA

Three motorcycles (Steve Biggs, Steve & Jo Burcher and Chuck Gillingham) and one trike (Suzanne & Larry Schneider) will begin the TAA in Kingman, AZ.

We've been planning for this cross country ride since January 2006.

The riders going to Oceanside are leaving August 30th. The remainder of the riders are leaving the Sacramento area on September 1st.

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Brother Bill said...

Did anyone of you order the 72 oz steak? It is fun following your trip. Say hello to sister Jo for me. I hope Larry is holding up.

Brother Bill